Learning to Be Bridges In Broken World

We are a non-denominational group of Christians (lay members and pastors) who have a passion for racial justice and believe the Church has a role to play in advancing this cause.  We attend a number of Bay Area Churches in Fremont, Milpitas and Livermore.

J&JC Member Churches:

  • Bridges Community Church
  • Buena Vista Home Church
  • Christ the King Lutheran Church
  • Cornerstone Fellowship Church
  • South Bay Community Church

Our Mission

Powered by the Holy Spirit, the Jesus & Justice Collective strives to bring people from all backgrounds and ethnicities together in a diverse reflection of God’s image.  Through confession, lamentation, repentance, prayer, activism, and strategic partnerships we move forward on the path of racial conciliation while glorifying God’s design of diversity. As a collective of churches belonging to various denominations, we believe that we can positively influence individuals in the Bay Area to adopt Jesus Christ our Lord’s vision of a Church where there is no Greek or Jew, slave nor free, male, nor female, thus seeing everyone as valuable souls worthy of love, respect, compassion, and support.  And acknowledging as the prophet Daniel did in Daniel 9, our complicity in the sins of our people and our ancestors.

Our Objectives

Joint Education

Education about oppressed populations, working within our churches to expand the reach among those who don’t yet understand the daily realities of our brothers’ & sisters’ lives.

Relational Partnerships

Forming targeted partnerships (by ethnicity) with churches to build relationships across cultural differences, create real life learning experiences, and serve our communities addressing key issues such as health, housing, education, and policing.

Past Events

  • “Unchained“- Generational Trauma & Healing: video & discussion about the Black experience in the US
  • “Far East Deep South”: video & discussion about the Asian experience in the US
  • Unsettling Truths: book talk with author Mark Charles about the Indigenous experience. and “Radical Inclusivity“: a discussion on the Bible, Jesus and Inclusion
  • LatinX Panel discussion: four LatinX pastors discussing their experiences with the American church
  • A Book Talk with Dominique DuBois Gilliard About Subversive Witnesscan we learn to leverage privilege?  What does the Bible say?

  • A Viewing and Discussion of The Danger of A Single Story” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. “The Single Story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but they are incomplete.
  • Taking a Look at Racial Trauma and Its Impact. To better understand what it is and the cumulative effects on an individual’s mental and physical health. As well as our own cognitive dissonance and roles in healing. 
  • Active Allyship: a workshop providing effective techniques for minimizing the “Bystander Effect” and safely intervening to support people being harassed.

Coming Soon

Future event topics:

  • Follow up discussions on the book talks and panel discussion
  • Lament
  • Contemplative prayer
  • Community service activities

Join Us

We would love to partner with you as a church who is interested in making progress toward racial conciliation or as an individual who is looking to do their part. Connect with us by clicking below!